1.  Products

Do I need to take both CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE?
Do CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE have any side effects?

2.  Product Usage

Why do I need to use distilled water with CESSIAC?
Can we apply CESSIAC topically?
What is the proper dosage of CESSIAC?


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Is the credit card information that I provide for my order secured?


(1) Products:


We highly recommend people using both products.  CESSIAC is very powerful for cleansing the toxins in our blood, cells, tissues, and organs.  Whereas YUCCALIVE can efficiently cleanse the wastes in our digestive tract.  Both products work magically together to provide a complete cleansing to our body.  The changing of our internal environment will initiate our self-healing power.  All tests done in China were using both products together.  The synergistic effect of both formulas enhances the healing effect in a big way.


Definition of side effect:  A secondary effect of a drug produced along with the intended therapeutic one.  The additional effect need not be adverse, but undesirable or toxic effects are usually implied.

Side effects of a drug will normally last as long as the drug is continually being used.  The side effect symptoms will usually get more severe until the administration of the drug is stopped.

The use of CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE does not produce any side effects.  However, people will normally go through a detoxification stage and a healing stage in which the body will respond to the products with changes.  As long as the products are being used as instructed, the reactions will gradually go away.  During the detoxification period, which will normally just last for a few days at the beginning of the program, toxins are driven out from the cells into the blood stream.  In the first few days, the toxin level in the blood stream is actually higher than normal.  Before these toxins are broken down by the liver, they will cause the user some "inconveniences" such as dizziness, headache, or the most common reaction tiredness.  Detailed explanations of the detoxification reaction and healing reaction are included in the information package shipped with our products.





(2) Product Usage:


Other waters (tap water, mineral water, spring water etc.) contain sodium.  Sodium will react with  the ingredients in CESSIAC and will affect the effectiveness of the herbs.  


Yes. There are healing agents in CESSIAC that can help skin problems. If you have a cut, burn, and any skin outbreak, applying CESSIAC topically will speed up the healing process. Since CESSIAC has a very high antioxidant content, some people use it as a facial tonic. It will protect the skin from free radical damages. After putting it on the face, it will dry up in about 3-5 minutes. It will form a transparent facial mask and tighten the skin underneath. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes and find a better facial skin tone after you wash it off. Some people even leave it on all night for longer protection of the skin. Try this two times a day for 3-4 weeks. People will start ask for your cosmetic secret.

NOTE: Do not use YUCALIVE for this purpose. It does not have the same effect.

For people with Melanoma, try putting CESSIAC on the problem skin area and see the changes.


The official dosage suggestion is:

For major need (life-threatening conditions): 2 oz each time, three times a day.

For normal need (non-life-threatening conditions): 2 oz each time, two times a day.

For prevention (people without any symptoms): 2 oz, one time a day.


The dosage used in the Chinese clinical tests:

90ml (3 oz) each time, three times a day.


We have observed that people with tumors will enjoy a faster shrinkage of the mass if they take a much higher dosage in the first two weeks than that which is recommended.  The high dosage of CESSIAC seems to promote the rapid digestion of the tumor by the body's enzymes.  We do not have a guideline of the dosage of CESSIAC that should be taken for this purpose as no particular controlled study has be done on this.  We did have people take 6 oz each time, three times a day (3 times higher than the officially recommended dosage) and attained miraculous results.  (One dramatic example was a gentleman in Hong Kong with a 4 cm tumor in his right lung. He consumed a very high dosage of the herbal formula and his tumor disappeared in 11 days.) This phenomenon is also quite frequent on pets using the herbal formula.

This phenomenon is very individual and is not proven to work on everybody. However, since the formula is very safe (please see the Clinical Tests conducted under the supervision of the Ministry of Health of China) even at a high dosage, people can try this approach and test whether their condition will improve faster at a higher dosage. 

We suggest that the maximum initial high dosage should not be longer than two weeks. The body has its own timing for healing.  It may not be good for the body to push it too hard to heal.  The official recommended dosage is time-tested and should be followed for letting the body follow a proper healing process.  Everything, including healing, has its own timing.  Once we initiate the healing process, the body will take the best time needed to heal.




(3) Order Procedures:


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