The founding of CESSIAC Clinic is based on a dream; a dream to make some powerful health building products from around the world available and affordable to people in Europe. Shipping logistics and costs, however are still major hindrances for Europeans to get quality health products manufactured outside Europe. Europeans have to pay high shipping premiums in order to receive products from around the world. Consequently, many foreign companies are not devoting their marketing efforts in promoting their products in Europe.

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Some of these products are effective and essential for restoring health. Because they are not physically available in Europe, people need to pay a high price premium to get it from North America or Asia. A shipping cost of more than the product price is not uncommon. The high prices make these products unaffordable to many people with health challenges. We strongly feel that people with health needs should have the right to obtain products for their health at a reasonable price. That is why the CESSIAC Clinic was born. By providing a physical distribution centre in central Europe, we are able to bring the imported price of these products lower than the price individuals in Europe would have to pay by directly obtaining them outside of the continent.

The health food business is very confusing. All manufacturers are claiming that they have the best products in the world. Claims are frequently made before proper tests are done. A large percentage of the health products out there in fact are not doing what the manufacturers and promoters are claiming. We feel it is our responsibility to do the screening for people who may not have the knowledge to distinguish bad products from good products. We screen our products with diligence. We choose our products based on effectiveness, safety, and quality control. We guarantee that our products are of premium quality and supreme effectiveness. The products that we carry are already well known in other countries. Now we are making them available to people in Europe.

We expect that people who visit our website are health conscious individuals. It would be to your benefit if you go over every detail in our website about our products. Then you will know why our products are different. We do not make claims; we have proofs.

Our service does not stop after the products leave our warehouse. It is our promise to our customers that we stand 100% behind our products. If you have any questions, contact us..... by telephone, by fax, by e-mail or by regular mail. We will get the answer for you. Reversing a life threatening condition has a lot to do with confidence. Building good health also needs understanding. We get excellent support from our manufacturers and medical professionals. We are sure that your questions will be satisfactorily answered.

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To bring you proven effective health products and make them affordable to you. Proven effectiveness, premium quality, affordable price, and excellent service are our guarantees.


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Manufacturer's Background:

MPS International Marketing Company is the Canadian manufacturer of CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE. The MPS Group companies have been working with these herbal formulas for about eight years. In 1993, the formulas were introduced to the Chinese Ministry of Health by MPS (China) International Limited. From 1993-1996, many different scientific studies were performed on the formulas in several major hospitals and research institute in China under strict supervision of the Ministry of Health of China. The study reports speak for themselves about the effectiveness of these two wonderful herbal formulas. The three year research study in China also resulted in the setting up of a quality specification requirement for the formulas by the Ministry of Health of China. These specifications allow MPS to determine whether the finished products will have the potency and effectiveness to do what they are supposed to do. MPS�s Hong Kong companies have also been promoting the formulas in Hong Kong since 1992. Many cases have demonstrated the amazing results of these herbal formulas.

Now CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE are being manufactured in the province of British Columbia in Canada under a G.M.P. medicine manufacturing standard environment. All products are made according to the specification set up by the Ministry of Health of China after three years of testings. MPS has implemented comprehensive measures to ensure that the potency and the effectiveness of these herbal formulas are always maintained to provide the most powerful tools to help you rebuild your health.

CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE are being sold by the MPS Group companies in North America, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Jamaica, Europe and some other Southeast Asia countries.

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