What are the differences between our products and other different versions of Rene Caisseís or Ojibway formulas?


1. Our CESSIAC formula, although has the same origin as others, is the only one that went through all the scientific tests required by an independent government body to prove its effectiveness and safety.

The herbal auhtority


2. Our CESSIAC formula was proven to be more effective working together with our YUCCALIVE formula. The combined use of these two formulas provides a synergistic effect that can effectively initiate oneís healing process.

3. At the suggestion of the herbal authorities in China during our research and test, the herb ratio and the preparation method of the original Ojibway/Rene Caisse formula are modified to bring out the best of the herbs. We can proudly declare that our CESSIAC is a much more powerful herbal formula than others.

4. During our three years research and test in China, the Ministry of Health of China set up specification requirements for our finish products to determine the effectiveness of the products for the purpose of importing into China. These specifications are being followed stringently for all our productions. No other companies have ever developed comparable production specifications based on independent studies like ours for the quality control of their finished products.

5. Our products are manufactured in Canada under a GMP standard environment.

6. We provide finished products (in tonic form) which are the only form that quality consistency can be tested and measured. Some companies sell dried herb mixtures with which the users make their own tonics. There is no way to tell whether the final tonics prepared by those individual users are consistent with their potency and effective properties. In fact, there is no way that each dried herb package will contain exactly the same ratio of each different herbs. Just imagine if you mix several bags of M&Mís together and divide them into equal parts, do you think you will end up with each part having the same number of each color? It is just impossible for the tonic from the dried herb mixture packages to yield the same or similar results every time.

7. Many companies provide testimonials. We can do it too. But how reliable are these testimonials? Even if we assume that all these testimonials are authentic, they are very subjective and non-scientific opinions. The clinical tests on our products in China were independently conducted in three major hospitals under the supervision of the Ministry of Health of China. The patients were monitored with scientific procedures and methods under a controlled environment. These clinical cases provide a much stronger evidence than other subjective and unverified testimonials.