Product Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed! 
90 days no-questions-asked return policy

We stand 100% behind our product.  We warrants satisfaction and guarantees its products are free from defect and substantially conform to product specifications.  For all our products, this warranty and guarantee shall be for a period of (90) days from the date of purchase.


  • Customers are guaranteed 100% product satisfaction. Within ninety (90) days from date of purchase a customer may; (a) obtain a new replacement for any defective product; or (b) cancel the purchase, return the unused product in resalable condition and obtain a full refund on the unused products. In all cases proper notice, proof of timely purchase and timely return of the product is required to be given to source of purchase, we reserves the right to reject repetitive returns and to refuse selling to customers with unreasonable repetitive returns.
  • For all returns, customers shall call our customer service to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RAN).  The RAN  has to be included in the returned products so that the refund can be properly processed.