For every problem, there is always a solution.  For every ailment, there is always a cure.  

The North America Indian tribes learned that long time ago.  They knew some of the herbs growing on their land had wonderful healing effects on different kinds of illnesses.  The Chinese has practiced the herbal medicine for thousands of years.  They know how natural herbs can help the body restore its once properly functioning system.  The history of CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE is an exciting story.  It was originated from the native Indian and completed by the Chinese.  It is truly cross cultural and cross geographical limits.  

Nurse Rene Caisse introduced the powerful herbal remedy of the Ojibway Indian Tribe into the white society in 1922. During her lifetime she was trying to persuade the government authorities to recognize the healing benefits of this native Indian remedy.  Her struggle with the authorities ended with her dying with great despair.  Her last wish was to see the benefits of the herbal remedy recognized -- maybe even by other countries.   Now, her dream is becoming reality. 

Throughout the three years from 1993-1996, this Ojibway formula was extensively tested in China.  The formula was greatly enhanced with the Chinese herbal wisdom and expertise.  It was also proven that this Chinese improved formula worked magically well with the Yucca formula, another native Indian herbal remedy.  All clinical studies in China were conducted by using both herbal formulas together.  In remembrance of the late Nurse Rene Cassie, the formula is now called CESSIAC,  in which the C in front of ESSIAC represents "Chinese Tested and Improved".  The difference between CESSIAC and the original Essiac formula is the three year scientific research backing.  More importantly, the combined use with YUCCALIVE brings better results to people who need to improve their health.



To learn the history and the current development of these wonderful remedies, click on the thumbnail picture to download this booklet.  We know you will enjoy it.  It is a fascinating story!

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