For every problem, there is always a solution.
For every health challenge, there is always a relief.

The Ojibway Indian tribe used the original herbal formula for hundreds of years.
Nurse Rene Caisse introduced the formula into the White society and helped thousands of people in North America.
Chinese herbal experts tested it for three years and perfected the formula.
Now we have the chance to derive the benefits from this God-sent herbal mixture to revitalize our health.

CESSIAC® is now made in Canada under a GMP standard (medicine manufacturing) environment according to the specifications set by the Chinese Ministry of Health after three years of extensive scientific tests and studies conducted in China. It is safe, effective, and of highest potency and quality


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Do not compare CESSIAC® with other herbal mixtures which do not have the scientific testing to back them up nor any standard procedures to test the consistency of their finished products. Do not confuse this Chinese improved formula with other unproven versions.

To enjoy better results, use together with YUCCALIVE®. All tests conducted in China made use of both herbal formulas. The herb ratios and the preparation methods make a lot of difference to the 
end results.

It is not just the ingredients that count.

               Ingredients:         Sheep Sorrel
                                       Burdock Root
                                       Slippery Elm
Rhubarb Root






Healing should have no geographical or cultural boundaries.
The effectiveness of the treatment method used, the drugs or natural remedies taken, should be judged according to the final result on the user’s health.
Yucca Schidigera has been used by the American Indians for thousands of years.
Many therapeutic benefits have been reported and tested by medical research professionals in North America in recent years.
The therapeutic benefits of Yucca Schidigera was further confirmed by a group of Chinese herbal experts during a three year testing on the YUCCALIVE
® formula.

The powerful intestinal cleansing effect of the Yucca Schidigera can eliminate the toxins built up in our digestive tract. The cleansing effect in turn reduces the toxins that our body absorbs into our blood stream through our intestinal walls. The result is an effective detoxification which is the beginning of all healing processes.

The YUCCALIVE® formula contains Yucca Schidigera as the "Emperor" or "King" herb and is enhanced by several other supporting and complimentary herbs. The result on our health is powerful. After three years’ tests and studies in China under strict supervision by the Ministry of Heath of China, a set of specifications was made to be followed for our production. This guarantees that the finished product will always meet the quality control requirement.










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To enjoy better result, use together with CESSIAC®. All tests conducted in China made use of both herbal formulas. The herb ratios and the preparation method make a lot of difference to the end results.

It is not just the ingredients that count.



        Yucca Schidigera      Licorice Root
        Fennel Seed            Clove Buds
        Anise Seed              Cinnamon Bark



How long do I need to use CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE?

It depends on many factors: your health condition, the toxins in your body, your lifestyle....Here is the basic rule of thumb:

One Full Course of Adjustment is four months. The red blood cells in the body have a life span of 90-120 days.  After using the products for four months, you will normally see more obvious results.  If all the symptoms are gone by the end of this course, you can then gradually reduce the dosage to a maintenance/prevention dosage.

If some of the symptoms are still there, you should continue onto a second or even a third course of adjustment until the symptoms are completely gone.

Once you have a particular health condition, your body would have compromised and become more prone to the recurrence even though all symptoms are gone after the healing program.  A preventive program (very low dosage and frequency) is important to keep your body's toxin level low and your immune system working at its best.

In our opinion, CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE should be taken for life as a preventive tool.  We have people using the herbal formulas for more than 13 years with excellent health.

Please see the Usage Page for usage instruction.





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6 x 909ml CESSIAC


6 x 909ml YUCCALIVE

Combo Pak Case

4 x 909ml CESSIAC
2 x 909ml YUCCALIVE

Each case weighs 22 lbs.  Shipping cost for North America is US$37.50.

One Combo Pak case will last 21-25 days for people with serious conditions and 75-80 days for prevention purpose.

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